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A New Flight is Preparing for Takeoff


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Flight first launched in 2016 as a masters project for VCU.  We were dedicated to helping the people of Richmond get the freshest craft beer possible through Virginia's first brewery-to-consumer craft beer delivery service.  After several months of operation (and my graduation from VCU) I decided to re-evaluate Flight's role in RVA's craft beer ecosystem.  The ABC laws in Virginia do allow for delivery, but they are still archaic enough that a dedicated delivery service does not make financial sense just yet.  


Flight is currently being re-booted.  My ultimate goal with Flight is to help local craft beer enthusiasts like myself stay better connected with their local beer scene.  


If you love craft beer, leave your email above.  Your info will never be shared, and you will be the first to know any updates with Flight.

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I would like to thank all of Flight's customers, partners and supporters in our time of delivery operation.

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